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Violence Against Women Act in Jeopardy

UPDATE on May 14, 2012: URGENT – H.R. 4970, Rep. Sandy Adam’s version of the Violence Against Women Act is scheduled to be voted on this Wednesday, May 16. Now is the time to email or call your Representative and tell him/her that you OPPOSE this legislation that ignores three vulnerable communities: immigrants, LGBT people, and Native American women.

We believe that a YES vote on H.R. 4970 is a NO vote on VAWA. We oppose Adam’s bill because it is NOT the REAL VAWA, it doesn’t include protections for all victims and it rolls back protections for victims of violence from vulnerable communities.

In a near party-line 17-15 vote, one Member, Representative Ted Poe (R-TX), crossed the aisle and stood on the side of victims. As Co-Chair of the Victims’ Rights Caucus, he joined VAWA’?s Democratic champions and voted against the bill.

Although great efforts were made to improve the Adams bill by including vulnerable communities such as Native women, LGBTQ victims, and immigrant victims, and striking mandatory minimum sentencing, these solutions were consistently defeated by the House committee majority.

Our time and efforts must now focus on the full House of Representatives in order to pass the same inclusive VAWA that was passed by the Senate in late April with bipartisan cooperation.

Tell your Member of Congress that you oppose the bill that is coming up for a vote soon. Stand with us and take action today!

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