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Reproductive Coercion Guidelines for Physicians Distributed in California

Posted May 16, 2011 by beth

Futures Without Violence has created the first set of reproductive coercion guidelines for physicians, which California’s Department of Public Health is now distributing to over 2000 Family Planning Access Care and Treatment (Family PACT) providers in the state. The guidelines explain the negative health effects of birth control sabotage and pregnancy coercion, and provide strategies on how to identify these forms of abuse and help victims.

Additionally, with a grant from the Hewlett Foundation, California’s Office of Family Planning has collaborated on a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness about reproductive coercion and appropriate resources to help women in need through the Family PACT program.

For more information on the intimate partner violence and reproductive coercion guidelines, see the Futures Without Violence news release and the FamilyPACT website.

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